Mwihila Hospital Restoration

The 200 bed Mission Hospital was built in 1955 by missionaries. The School of nursing was added in 1956. The Hospital was handed over to the locals in 1975. Mismanagement, under use and misuse along with plundering of the property has lead to near total collapse.



Donated Medical Supplies

Plans to restore Mwihila Hospital to its glory days have began and our Member Dr Doug Wakhu is the coordinator that is overseeing the rehabilitation process.

Goals of this Project:

  1. Rehabilitation of the Mwihila Hospital facilities to full operational status.
  2. Provide a full complement of healthcare services.
  3. Recruit highly qualified professional/technical staff.
  4. Reopen the School of Nursing and other healthcare worker training

For more information visit the Mwihila website or contact:

Douglas Wakhu (Coordinator)